Augustiana - The White Palace 



Jonas Pihl / Jonas Hvid Søndergaard / Steen Ipsen / NN 

The laws of mathematics say that a circle is 360 °, but what if it is not true? According to NN, who for many years was a psychiatric patient at Augustenborg Hospital, the circle is in fact 361.5 °. NN painstakingly laid down his formulas and reasoning chains on colorful posters and folded models to convince the world of his idea. These objects are now included in the exhibition "361.5 °" combined with works from three contemporary artists, who share NN's fascination with scientific phenomena in general and the circle in particular.

The exhibition contains detailed and colorful paintings and painted planets by Jonas Pihl, large red crayon drawings by Jonas Hvid Søndergaard as well as a form-rich ceramic work by Steen Ipsen.

In the same way that the artists give their thoughts and ideas visual form, NN gave his theory a pictorial expression.


Exhibition opening: Tuesday - Sunday from 12 a.m to 5 p.m.

Exhibition duration: 03.07.2019 to 11.08.2019

Park: Free entrance

Augustiana: Located directly at the Augustenborg Fjord. Bring your swimwear with you in the summer and jump into the water at the small, protected bathing house.